Travel Notes of Shuangfei in Lijiang, Yunnan on November 15-19, 2017 in Longchang


Changsha Longchang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has started the annual travel activity for all employees! This time I chose the beautiful Yunnan.

Yunnan has a long history and culture, and beautiful natural scenery. It has such tourist attractions as Lijiang Ancient City, Three Parallel Rivers, Stone Forest, Hani Terraces, Dali Ancient City, Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, Yulong Snow Mountain, Erhai Lake, Dianchi Lake, Fuxian Lake, Meili Snow Mountain, Pudacuo National Park, Gedan Songzanlin Temple, and Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest.

First of all, we came to Shuanglang Ancient Town, which is known as "Dali scenery in Cang'er, Cang'er scenery in Shuanglang". In the territory, the water and the sky are the same color, the mountains are green and the lake is beautiful. The golden shuttle brocade, the "double island double curvature" and the ancient elegant and full-bodied Bai market town form a beautiful natural picture of harmony between man and nature, which is the most suitable town for living. Later, we took a bus to Dali Huayu Pasture, where there are more than 20 varieties of flowers with a total area of 360 mu. Take photos to record the beautiful moments. Ride slowly on the cycling road beside the Erhai Lake, and get close to the gentle wind willows and fish swimming in the waves of the Erhai Lake; Facing the sea breeze and the fragrance of fresh fields, children playing by the sea and hardworking Bai villagers working in the fields are like movies when the sunset is reflected in the lake.



On the third day of the trip, visit Dongba Valley. Located at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain in Yunnan, adjacent to the ancient city of Lijiang, it is a famous cultural site in Yunnan Province. Dongba Valley is famous for its unique Dongba culture. Dongba characters are also known as "the only living hieroglyphs". Dongba scriptures written in Dongba characters are also widely spread in China and many European and American countries. Dongba Valley is mainly inhabited by Naxi people. The Naxi nationality retains the characteristics of a matriarchal clan. Women go out to work, while men read books or do handicrafts at home. So in Dongba Valley, exquisite handicrafts can be seen everywhere. Then visit the Blue Moon Valley, which is known as "Little Jiuzhai". Its predecessor was the "Baishui River" that was known to people earlier. On a sunny day, the water is blue, and the valley is crescent shaped. From a distance, it looks like a blue moon embedded at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain, so it is called Blue Moon Valley. In the process of flowing, the river water is blocked by mountains, forming four large water surfaces, known as "Yuye" Lake, "Jingtan" Lake, "Lanyue" Lake and "Tingtao" Lake. After lunch, I watched the world's highest live performance - Impression of Lijiang, directed by the famous director Zhang Yimou. Then go to Yulong Snow Mountain, a national AAAAA scenic spot known as "Oriental Switzerland". Take the cableway through the snow area 4506 meters above sea level to see the majesty of Lijiang Naxi Divine Mountain from above.



On the the fourth day of the trip, we came to Dayan Flower Lane. The Yulong Garden in the ancient city of Lijiang, a real alley full of literary and artistic spirit, permeates the ancient city of Lijiang every bit. It is a place where you can really feel the high style of life. Different from the fake art shops in the ancient city, it is a spiritual habitat where you can completely relax and freely experience the spirit of art. Each nation has its own characteristics. These ethnic cultures blend together and attract a large number of tourists. After lunch, go to Lashihai Wetland Park. Lashi is known as the cradle of life and the base of the American Society for the Conservation of Nature. Here, you can experience the legendary Tea Horse Ancient Road, ride on the ancient road, experience the history and culture of the caravan, and experience the Naxi ethnic culture to explore the ancient road life. After riding on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, you can go boating in the Wetland Park and experience the unique feelings of plateau lakes by boat, which is particularly warm and charming. In the evening, we went to the local farmhouse to taste the most distinctive farmhouse meals, and then we sang and danced together at the campfire party. That heartfelt smile was the original intention of the company to organize tourism!





This tourism activity felt the enthusiasm of Longchang people and worked hard together to achieve the common goal. Colorful Yunnan is full of beautiful pictures. I look forward to seeing you next time! Longchang people, roll up your sleeves and work hard!

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