After sale service

一、Service target:
The service contents specified in this after-sales service terms are applicable to textile machinery, electric valves and other industrial automation control systems, modules, sensors, displays, brushless DC drivers, stepper drivers, servo drivers and complete system products purchased from Longchang Technology and its authorized legal channels in the Chinese market.

二、Service Items:
1, Warranty period: Longchang Technology homemade products: 14 months, other outsourced ancillary products: 12 months.
During the warranty period, if the product occurs non-human fault, we will provide you with warranty service. Please contact the sales staff to deal with it, we will complete the repair within the promised time and send back to you.
The warranty period is calculated according to the maintenance label time.
2. Replacement:
Within 10 days from the date of shipment, if the product occurs non-human fault, we can replace the same model for you.
3. Lifelong maintenance:
We will provide lifelong maintenance service for our customers. In the warranty period but do not meet the warranty conditions or beyond the warranty period of the faulty products, we provide paid repair service, after the customer confirms the acceptance of the product maintenance costs, we arrange for the product maintenance. However, it is not possible to provide repair service for products that have been discontinued, or are lacking in repair materials, or are too badly damaged to have repair value.
4. Maintenance costs:
1) Products under warranty, non-human causes of failure, free maintenance.
2) If the product is out of warranty period or artificially damaged, we will charge the cost, labor cost and freight of the components according to different models and damage degree; The specific cost will be quoted to you by the corresponding sales staff.

三、Three, do not enjoy free warranty situation:
1) Product failure caused by fire, flood, earthquake and other force majeure factors;
2) Damage caused by improper installation or use by customers;
3) Failure of products caused by disassembly, maintenance or modification of products by personnel not authorized by Longchang Technology;
4) Products not purchased directly by Longchang Technology or through authorized legal channels;
5) Tear and alter the production and maintenance labels;

四、Customer Information

1) Please try to record the relevant process parameter Settings before sending for repair, because the parameter Settings may not be retained after maintenance.
2) As our products are precision electronic products, customers should pay attention to safe and reliable packaging and transportation when returning the products, so as to avoid more serious damage caused by transportation.
3) Changsha Longchang Electronic Technology Co., LTD has the right to interpret the terms of Service.

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