One day tour of Liuyang Shiniu Village on May 20, 2017


In order to enrich the spare time cultural life of employees, relieve their work pressure, enhance team cohesion, promote the feelings among employees, and let everyone enjoy the beautiful and pleasant scenery of nature after work, our company organized a one-day tour of Liuyang Shiniu Village on May 20, 2017.

Liuyang Shiniu Village is located at the upstream of Laodao River, at the junction of Shegang Town and Longfu Town in Liuyang City, close to Phoenix Gorge and Zhouluo Ancient Cultural Village. It is 523 meters above sea level and covers an area of about 10 square kilometers. Because it is located on the green field, it is steep and precipitous, and its body shape is like a cow, with its head in the south and its tail in the north. It is called Stone Cattle Stronghold. Historians in Hunan Province, after investigation and identification, determined that it was the only remaining village among the 48 villages in Liuyang in the Ming Dynasty.

The Shiniu Village has beautiful scenery and many scenic spots; Morning and sunset, birds singing and flowers fragrance; The environment is clean and elegant, and the climate is pleasant; Wind doorway -- wind and rain; Baiyantan Waterfall in the sky; Random Stone Maze - just like putting down the Eight Diagrams Array; More than 40 caves are clustered, such as Immortal Cave, Lotus Cave and Double Pearl Cave; Steamed grain steamer, sword test stone, ox horn soap, ancient battlefield and other attractions are set off; Tall ancient trees and historic sites are everywhere; All kinds of strange stone shaped dragons are like phoenix, majestic and lifelike; There are tent bases, barbecue bases and fishing bases in the scenic area, which are the best choice for outdoor activities!






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