Changsha Longchang 8th Anniversary Luxury Trip to Phuket Island, Thailand


2018 is the 8th anniversary of the founding of Longchang Company. Longchang Electric Control is grateful to you and me for having the courage to innovate and create new brilliance. In order to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Longchang Company and enhance the team consciousness of the company's employees, so that employees can relax and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature after work, the company specially organized a luxurious trip to Phuket, Thailand. This activity not only enriched the staff's spare time life, enhanced the communication and cooperation between departments, but also made the Longchang family more harmonious, so as to better enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, fully demonstrate the company's team spirit, and let everyone devote to the future work with higher enthusiasm.

The general manager of the company contacts the travel agency in person to arrange the trip. In order to make all the employees of the company have a better time, we finally chose the Phuket Island Luxury Group for the 6th and 5th nights. It is not only a direct flight, but also a five-star standard treatment for the whole journey!

On December 1, 2018, all staff of Longchang Company and some family members embarked on a plane bound for Thailand, starting a six day trip to Thailand. On the way, we talked and laughed happily. At this time, everyone was very relaxed. We could feel the benefits offered by the company from all aspects, which brought us great joy!

Speaking of Thailand, what can you blurt out? Yes, that's the distinctive exotic customs. Of course, there are also Hongding Temple, elephant show, tropical fruits

Feel that the island of Panya Bay, known as Little Guilin, is composed of fantastic and charming rocks and cliff islands standing in the sea, and then go to the Tropical Fruit Garden Style Elephant Riding Tour. Experience the luxurious catamaran sailing around the Pearl Island of Xingyue, the sea area around the Pearl Island is a must for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, and experience the international singing and dancing performances of human demon. Farewell to Thailand's [Four Sided Buddha] [the Ninth Emperor's Ascending Memorial Lighthouse], etc.

Go to sea! With the delicate white sand beach and the azure blue ocean, you can not only exercise patience, but also gain life experience by taking a fast boat to ride the wind and waves and fishing happily in the vast ocean. Come back from the sea, and lie in the warm big bed and make a Thai SPA to enjoy your body and mind!




The weather is beautiful and the scenery is picturesque. Six day trip to Thailand, accompanied by colleagues. On December 1, the company organized all the employees to visit Thailand with deep affection, saying goodbye to the noise of the city, without the pressure of work around us, only the laughter that reflects the close team spirit between colleagues.

Listen to the laughter coming from the seaside from time to time, and a comfortable smile comes to our lips. We are a harmonious and passionate team. Our personal strength is small, but a drop of water can make a lake. As long as each of us dedicates our energy to the team, we will certainly have greater achievements and create a better glory for Longchang Company!
Finally, thank Longchang Company for giving us an unforgettable trip.

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