2019 Longchang Company's 5-day and 4-night trip to Vietnam


It has been a few days since I came back from Vietnam. I feel deeply that Vietnam is a very beautiful place, with low prices, few tourists and high cost performance. It is an ideal place for vacation, especially in such cold days. Thank Longchang Company for the activity of this Vietnam Nha Trang trip organized by all staff. This activity not only enriched the staff's spare time life, enhanced the communication and cooperation between departments, but also made the Longchang family more harmonious, so as to better enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, fully demonstrate the company's team spirit, and let everyone devote to the future work with higher enthusiasm.

On December 11, 2019, all staff of Longchang Company and some family members boarded the plane bound for Vietnam to start a five-day trip to Vietnam. On the way, we talked and laughed happily. At this time, everyone was very relaxed. We could feel the benefits offered by the company from all aspects, which brought us great joy!



Speaking of Vietnam, Vietnam is located in the middle east coast in the south. At that time, this was the territory of South Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, the nearby Jinlan Bay was a US naval and air base. With its long and beautiful coastline, beaches and islands, Nha Trang also became a base for US troops to rest and recuperate. The landscape of Vietnam is long and thin, and many buildings are tall and thin. It is said that the construction tax expense is proportional to the width of the facade, regardless of the height and depth. The houses and shops on the street often look like chopsticks. Then there are Vietnam's customs, Vietnam's drip coffee, Vietnam's Sambo, egg mud bath, Vietnam's clothing Audrey



In Yazhuang, what attracts us is not only the island, beach, sea breeze, seafood, but also the mud bath with the most local characteristics. Mud bath is also called hot mineral mud bath. The so-called mud is actually volcanic mud. The amount of mud in Nha Trang is the largest in Vietnam. The continuous mud comes from the foot of Ninghe Mountain nearby. This area is rich in a lot of mineral elements. The slippery mud attaches to the human body and transmits heat to the body. The chemical substances inside can not only play a role in health and disease prevention, but also have a significant effect on cleaning the skin.



Audrey is the national costume of Vietnam. The traditional Vietnamese costume, similar to the Chinese cheongsam, is not only deeply influenced by the Chinese cheongsam, but also absorbs the essence of fashion design in Europe, especially France. It is elegant and beautiful. Audrey is divided into two parts: long gown and trousers. Its tailoring is fit, exquisite and chic. The slit is cut to the waist, which perfectly shows the woman's figure. It is pure, elegant and sexy.



The weather is beautiful and the scenery is picturesque. The Disney Pearl Island Amusement Park, which is known as Vietnam, is located in a resort on Bamboo Island. It is a well-known entertainment place in Vietnam that integrates accommodation, catering, large-scale amusement facilities, etc. There are several areas in the amusement park, such as water park, aquarium, animation hall, etc., with perfect and interesting amusement facilities and quiet and beautiful seaside scenery. This is the best time for our team's family. Children have a great time playing and adults are more happy. The night view of Pearl Island is also very beautiful.



Listening to the laughter from the seaside, a comfortable smile has crept into my mouth. We have been working in the company for nearly two years. We are a harmonious and passionate team. Our personal strength is small, but water can make a lake. I think as long as each of us dedicates our energy to the team, we will have greater achievements.


Finally, I would like to thank Longchang Company for giving us another unforgettable journey.


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