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Hart bus module

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Product Description

【1】 HART protocol is a transaction oriented communication service for process control equipment

【2】 HART communication devices are designed to enhance traditional 4-20 mA analog signal transmission, providing a relatively low bandwidth, moderate response time communication protocol in industrial environments

【3】 HART bus applications include remote process variable queries, parameter settings, and diagnostics

【4】 HART communication adopts half duplex communication mode, which is characterized by digital signal communication on existing analog signal transmission lines

【5】 The physical layer of the HART protocol uses the Bell202 standard frequency shift keying (FSK) signal, that is, a ± 0.5mA digital signal is superimposed on the 4~20mA analog signal, which does not affect the size of the analog signal transmitted to the control system and ensures the compatibility with the existing analog system

【6】 On a HART bus network, two primary devices can exist at the same time, and the second primary device is usually a handheld device. It is convenient for debugging and diagnosis.

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