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4G conversion module

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【1】 Mobile communication system is a kind of radio communication system, mainly including cellular system, trunking system, AdHoc network system, satellite communication system, packet radio network, cordless telephone system, radio paging system, etc

【2】 The characteristics of mobile communication system are that mobile communication must use radio waves for information transmission, and communication can operate in complex interference environment

【3】 At present, the mobile communication system has undergone several generations of evolution and development. The fourth generation mobile information system (4G) and the fifth generation mobile information system (5G) are widely used, which is a better improvement in 3G technology. Compared with 3G communication technology, it has a greater advantage, which is the combination of WLAN technology and 3G communication technology, making image transmission faster, Make the transmitted image quality and image look clearer

【5】 The application of 4G/5G communication technology in intelligent communication equipment allows users to access the Internet more quickly, and the speed can be as high as 100Mbps

【6】 The mobile communication system needs to insert a SIM card at the node that needs to be connected to the network, and then transmit the data to the specific server through the mobile operator network. Users need to obtain data, which can be obtained by accessing this server with networked devices

【7】 This 4G/5G IoT module is used in combination with the mobile APP and cloud platform management system independently developed by our company to achieve the overall control system from the large platform to the device end. You can also directly customize the protocol link with a third-party cloud platform or management server.

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