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LoRa conversion module

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LoRa conversion module [1] LoRa is well-known as a low power, long distance, affordable, simple and efficient wireless digital communication technology, especially suitable for farmland irrigation, smart greenhouses, smart water, smart heating, and smart orchards,

【2】 Long distance: because LoRa adopts spread spectrum technology and its sensitivity is closer to Shannon's limit theorem, the requirements for signal-to-noise ratio are reduced, and the transmission distance is longer, up to 2-5Km

【3】 Anti interference capability: among all Internet of Things communication technologies, LoRa technology can demodulate at 20dB under noise, while other Internet of Things communication technologies must be higher than a certain level of noise to achieve demodulation. Waveforms of other Internet of Things communication technologies can be captured by spectrometer and other devices. Similarly, these communication data may also be interfered with or forged. The LoRa technology has good concealment and anti-interference characteristics, and has strong physical layer security characteristics

【4】 Low power consumption: In fact, power consumption has always been the biggest competitive point of wireless communication technology, because most remote access scenarios require battery power, and the battery life directly affects the user experience. According to introduction, LoRaWan's current is even lower than 1 when sleeping μ A. The current is only 45mA when transmitting 17dBm signal, and 5mA when receiving signal.

【5】 Easy to deploy: LoRa can not only plan and deploy the network according to the application needs, but also reasonably deploy the base station according to the site environment and the terminal location.

【6】 The network expansion of LoRa is very simple, and the coverage can also be enhanced or expanded at any time according to the change of node size. LoRa has triple security from the physical layer, the network layer to the application layer, so it meets various data privacy requirements.

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