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Canopen bus module

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Product Description

【1】 CAN bus is one of the most widely used field buses in the world. Applications: engine management system, transmission controller, instrument equipment, electronic backbone system, marine pipeline valves, engineering construction vehicles

【2】 In a single network composed of CAN bus, 110 nodes are generally allowed to be attached to the same network. CAN can provide data transmission rate up to 1Mbit/s, which makes real-time control very easy. In addition, the error verification feature of hardware also enhances the anti electromagnetic interference ability of CAN

【3】 CAN has very superior characteristics, which makes people happy to choose. These features include:

[3.1] Low cost

[3.2] Very high bus utilization

[3.3] Long data transmission distance (up to 10 km)

[3.4] High speed data transmission rate (up to 1Mbit/s)

[3.5] The message can be received or masked according to its ID

[3.6] Reliable error handling and detection mechanism

[3.7] After the information sent is damaged, it can be automatically retransmitted

[3.8] The node has the function of automatically exiting the bus in case of serious error

[3.9] The message does not contain the source address or target address, and only uses the flag to indicate the function information and priority information

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