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Profibus module

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Product Description

【1】 PROFIBUS is the most widely used field bus technology in the world, mainly including three types: PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, and PROFIBUS FMS

【2】 PROFIBUS data transmission provides three different physical layer options:

[2.1] RS 485: for DP and FMS (symmetrical transmission, called H2)

[2.2] IEC 1158-2: for PA (bit synchronization protocol, called H1)

[2.3] Optical fiber: for DP and FMS

【3】 The most commonly used PROFIBUS bus in the actuator industry is PROFIBUS-DP

【4】 PROFIBUS-DP is used for high-speed data transmission at the device level. The central controller communicates with distributed field devices through high-speed serial lines. Most data exchange is periodic, and the intelligent field equipment also needs non periodic communication for configuration, diagnosis and alarm processing

【5】 Replace expensive wires between PLC/PC and I/O

【6】 Fast transmission, the time required to transmit 1 kilobyte input data and 1 kilobyte output data<ms, powerful tools to reduce configuration and maintenance costs, supported by all major PLC manufacturers

【7】 For single master and multi master networks, the input and output data of each station can be up to 244 bytes.

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