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Modbus bus module

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【1】 The physical layer of MODBUS bus adopts RS485 mode; RS485 is a bus standard that supports multiple nodes, long distance and high receiving sensitivity

【1】 Multi node: 32 nodes are generally supported. The maximum number of physical nodes supported by our modbus is 256

【2】 Long transmission distance: RS485 adopts balanced transmission and differential reception. The transmission distance can reach 1.5km

【3】 Fast transmission speed: up to 115.2 kbps

【4】 MODBUS protocols include MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII and MODBUS TCP MODBUS RTU protocol is widely used due to its high efficiency and low cost

【5】 Modbus protocol is a master/slave architecture protocol. One node is the master node, and the other nodes that use Modbus protocol to participate in communication are slave nodes. Each slave device has a unique address. In the network, only the node designated as the master node can start a command.

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