Smart Water and Farmland Irrigation


Intelligent water affairs control topology



Topology map of farmland irrigation control


Integrated remote irrigation valve control function

【1】 The solar panel is directly installed on the smart electric device without additional installation

【2】 Integrated wireless smart electrical device with built-in LoRa wireless communication function

【3】 Integrated wireless smart electric device is DC24 DC brushless motor

【4】 Intelligently control the pressure of the Getiankou pipeline, and directly enter the integrated wireless intelligent electrical installation module on the pipeline through the sensor signal to form a closed-loop control of pipeline pressure equalization

【5】 The opening of the irrigation valve can be set in multiple sections to realize the soft start action function

【6】 Remote, local, mobile APP, central control DCS, PC 4G multiple controls

【7】 Solar power supply unit and battery power management system, timely monitoring of battery voltage

【8】 It has the functions of pipeline blockage protection, motor overheat overcurrent protection, valve limit protection, real-time opening measurement and control, low battery voltage alarm, etc

【9】 LoRa transmission distance is in the open area, and the effective transmission distance is not less than 1.5KM (depth signal processing can be carried out, and it can be extended to 5km)

【10】 There is no need for external mains power, but it is powered by solar energy. The storage battery can store energy in overcast weather. The size of the solar panel and battery is specially designed according to the needs of the site.



Regional integrated intelligent control station function

【1】 It can be divided into multiple areas as required, and each area is equipped with a set of regional integrated intelligent control station

【2】 The design of the regional integrated intelligent control station includes: man-machine exchange touch screen, LoRa master station, 4G wireless communication card, solar panel, battery pack, protocol conversion module

【4】 One regional integrated intelligent control station can control up to 80 integrated wireless intelligent irrigation valves through LoRa communication

【5】 Man machine exchange touch screen: monitor the operation of each irrigation valve, control the setting of operation parameters, and specially design according to the project

【6】 LoRa master station: wireless networking control for regional irrigation valve without wiring

【7】 Remote IOT card: transmit the operation of the regional irrigation valve to the mobile phone end of the remote customer and the PC end of the central control room through the 4G wireless network, and can access the third-party operation platform

【8】 Solar panel and battery: provide reliable power supply for the control unit in the intelligent gateway

【9】 Protocol module: protocol conversion and data link exchange between LoRa, RS485, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth and 4G.



Advantages of farmland irrigation scheme

【1】 There is no need to carry out large-scale civil wiring work, and all of them are remotely controlled through wireless (LoRa and 4G)

【2】 No grid voltage is required for power supply. Solar photovoltaic power generation or wind solar complementation are all used. Energy is stored through battery storage, and the project does not need to pay operating electricity charges. And the voltage of the whole system is DC24V, which is within the safe voltage range of human body, avoiding risks such as farmland leakage and high-voltage electric shock of workers

【3】 The regional integrated intelligent control station is used to conduct the regional ad hoc network (120 at most, 80 recommended) for the cloud electric equipment within 1.5KM (5KM at most), and then 4G/5G remote control is conducted through the remote IOT control signal on the regional integrated intelligent control station. Thus, the regional control can be realized through the industrial human-computer exchange display on the regional integrated intelligent control station, and can also be controlled through the cloud platform

【4】 When the project is delivered, only one IOT network card (4G/5G) is required for 80 sets, and no fee is charged for LoRa ad hoc network

【5】 Save the construction cost in the early stage, shorten the construction period, and greatly reduce the operation and maintenance cost in the later stage.



success cases

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