The 9th China (Suzhou) International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition 2016


Time: May 16-18, 2016 Venue: China Environmental Protection Industry Exhibition Center

Excellent presentation of high-end products Seamless connection High end forum leads the development prospect of the industry

• Organization

Organizer: China Environmental Protection Industry Exhibition Center Huanrun Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Supported by: China Pump and Valve Industry Association Jiangsu General Machinery Industry Chamber of Commerce China Fluid Machinery Society

Asian Economic and Trade Development Promotion Center of China Chemical Industry Association

Organized by: China Private Technology and Environmental Protection Industry E-mall of Huanrun Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

• Exhibition advantages

The 2016 Suzhou (9th) International Pump Valve and Pipeline Exhibition is a well-known professional exhibition in China. The theme of this exhibition is "scientific and technological innovation, brand remodeling, value-added optimization solutions" to promote the industry's upstream and downstream service innovation; It has accurately checked the actual needs and trends of the pulse pump valve pipeline and upstream and downstream industries, realized the integration of industry and information, built an upstream and downstream communication platform, created a brand and image, and the pump pipe valve market has been in a "golden development period" for a long time. For Chinese pump valve exhibitors, increasing dealers in Suzhou is a way to gain more market share. According to incomplete statistics, at present, 23.4% of the new pump valve dealers are added in Jiangsu market every year, and most of them are also long-term cooperative dealers of major pump valve manufacturers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and the region. Therefore, the attraction of the East China market cannot be underestimated. In this exhibition, the organizer has taken a two pronged approach to dig deep into the upstream and downstream of pump valve pipeline manufacturing and distribution agents active in the front line, making use of our existing more than 100000 accurate distribution agent databases to invite with high frequency by telephone and email. Not only that, for the national building materials market network, the market personnel will also conduct field research and development, and would like to organize its merchants to visit this exhibition! The research report on the development trends and investment prospects of China's pump valves, pipelines and industries released a few days ago pointed out that in 2015, the main revenue of China's pump valves, pipelines and industries exceeded 9 trillion yuan, and the growth rate of total assets was significantly higher than the national average level of industry in the same period. Although the pump valves, pipelines and giants of various countries are accelerating their strategic layout of the Chinese market, with the continuous enhancement of independent innovation capacity, The gap in technology with foreign enterprises has been gradually shortened. Our pump valves, pipelines and enterprises have the ability to provide users with the most advanced and appropriate products.

At the same time, we also hope that through our efforts, your company can get the most from this exhibition! With the support of many units, we will gather many powerful suppliers to display advanced equipment and provide the latest technology and services. With years of rich experience in the exhibition, the organizer will carry out strong organization and publicity work to attract new products and technologies from pump valves, pipelines, equipment, manufacturers, distributors, user communication platforms, industry merchants, agents, product (buyer, seller) business opportunities exchange platforms, etc. At that time, buyers and suppliers will gather together to exchange key technologies with industry peers in an interactive business environment, Exhibitors will have an excellent opportunity to expand their business. We are dedicated to promoting the exchange and cooperation between pumps, valves, pipelines, innovative technologies and users, providing a trading platform and a powerful platform for image display, brand promotion, marketing and communication for global pump valves, pipelines and manufacturers. It is an industry event that suppliers and buyers cannot miss, and we look forward to your participation!

• Highlights

Seamless connection to open up the pump valve, pipeline and industrial chain to reach a deal on site: although the exhibition time is short, it is convenient to reach an agreement because of direct face-to-face talks with merchants. Enterprise and product publicity: The exhibition is a three-dimensional advertisement, which can enhance the understanding of buyers on products and services and is suitable for acceptance. Establish corporate image: establish a good corporate image in the same industry and user field, and improve the industry status. Deepen market understanding: understand market demand and potential in communication with purchasers, which is more intuitive and accurate than daily market research. Develop markets and establish marketing channels: use participation in exhibitions to develop markets and find customers, and look for agents or joint venture partners. Broaden international vision: an effective platform for international cooperation has been reached, exhibition advertising and text promotion have been released through a number of professional cooperation media, the latest sales information has been collected, and a series of seminars have been held for the theme to create an effective sales environment. Continuously publicize this exhibition. This exhibition plans to send invitations and tickets in other related exhibitions by distribution and mailing, and get to know high-quality customers from home and abroad through this exhibition, so that products and enterprises can more accurately go international.

• Schedule

Registration: May 14-15, 2016 Opening: May 16, 2016

Exhibition: May 16-18, 2016 Move out: May 18, 2016

• Scope of exhibition

◆ Pumps: centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, screw pump, metering pump, sewage pump, fire pump, process pump, submerged pump, pneumatic pump, chemical pump, petroleum pump, self-priming pump, gear pump, magnetic pump, positive displacement pump, impurity pump and other special pumps.

◆ Valves and actuators: ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, blowdown valve, drain valve, check valve, throttle valve, plunger valve, solenoid valve, stop valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, regulating valve, safety valve, diaphragm valve, ceramic valve, air release valve, hose valve, angle valve, automatic valve; Electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, electro-hydraulic actuators, hybrid actuators (actuators) and driving devices.

◆ Pump valve parts: valve body, valve seat, valve cover, yoke, valve element, bolt, nut, gasket, flange, valve position transmitter, valve pressure test device, valve grinder; Oil seal, sealing washer, sealing strip, packing, upper seal seat, packing gland, packing seal, etc.

◆ Pipes and connectors: stainless steel pipe, glass steel pipe, metal pipe, aluminum plastic pipe, composite pipe, water supply and drainage pipe, liquid transmission pipe, gas transmission pipe, slurry powder transmission pipe, pipeline anti-corrosion technology equipment, pipeline fire insulation technology equipment, pipeline welding equipment, pipeline detection equipment and technology; Pipe coupling, internal pipe coupling reducing pipe coupling, equal diameter elbow at various angles, reducing elbow, equal diameter tee, reducing tee, etc.

• Publicity services

The 9th China (Suzhou) International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition will be promoted in high-end media at home and abroad in an all-round way. Now, it has cooperated with many multimedia such as finance and economics, the public, the Internet, and print. Based on strong media public relations, it will wholeheartedly provide the exhibitors with the best possible service for publicity, and jointly create a good trading atmosphere. Through the promotion of enterprises and exhibitions, high-level people in the industry will be widely invited to the exhibition. Utilize the powerful database of the organizer, invite professionals and users to the meeting by email, telephone and other means to invite media cooperation; Cooperate with relevant industries, exchange resources, and invite a number of interested enterprises in relevant fields to visit and negotiate cooperation; Continue to consolidate the brand image of "International Pump Valve Pipeline Exhibition".

If your company (exhibitors) needs high-end interviews, interviews and reports from high-end media, or needs to release new products and technologies, you can contact the organizing committee, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.





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