Domestic High Quality Absolute Value Encoder Used for Maintenance of German Equipment


The encoder on the German equipment of a German funded company (also a well-known enterprise in the industrial control industry) located in Nanjing is broken. The original absolute encoder used in Germany has not been found with relevant models and specifications for a long time, or the delivery period of other replacement specifications is relatively long. China is looking for other German brands to replace the encoder, or because the specifications are unknown or the requirements cannot be met, it is not found, We heard from other users that Shanghai Jingpu has a high-quality absolute encoder, but they turned to us for help. According to their introduction and requirements, we recommended our GMS412 RE10 SGB SSI output single turn absolute encoder.

I saw the machine tool installed with the encoder on the site. The machine tool is a German imported machine tool for processing copper terminals. The copper bar goes in at one end, and the cutting, drilling, and grinding processes are carried out in the machine tool. The finished terminals come out. The absolute value encoder is used as an electronic cam device. The center of the machine tool is a large disk, and the encoder measures the angle of the large disk, After reaching a fixed angle, the fixed process is completed, and the process is repeated.

According to the site conditions, the imported encoder was originally used, which seems to have some requirements: because there is cooling oil on site that will directly spray onto the encoder; The temperature inside the machine is high, and it is hoped that the working temperature can reach 80 ℃ for a long time; The machining vibration of metal copper bar is large; It is said that after reading some imported encoder materials, it is difficult to meet the requirements. Therefore, they are not confident about our domestic encoder. In addition, they are not confident about the performance stability of our domestic absolute value encoder, including signal matching compatibility. To dispel users' concerns, Shanghai Jingpu has provided them with an absolute value encoder for trial. After a month of trial, they can buy it after no problems.

After the user got the domestic absolute encoder from Shanghai Jingpu and installed the German equipment, the overall dimensions and signal compatibility were completely matched. After more than a month of continuous operation of the machine, the use was very stable, and the protection level, high temperature, vibration and other conditions were fully qualified without any problems. The user was very satisfied because the machine was in continuous production, The user bought an additional spare part. They also said that they would continue to use our encoder for the transformation of other machine tools.

The absolute value encoder of GMS412 single turn ssi signal output provided by us in European standard specification is used on site. Our domestic absolute value encoder is selected because 1) the machine tool is filled with oil all the time, and our encoder shell is all metal without screw seal, which has good sealing performance. 2) The temperature in the machine tool is very high due to high temperature. Our encoder temperature range is - 40 ℃ to 80 ℃, which meets the user's requirement of 80 ℃, 3) Stability and compatibility. They tried it for a month before they bought it. Within a month, our encoder was perfectly compatible with their original equipment, and there was no problem. 4) Our professional technology was able to confirm the contents of the original encoder and provide fully compatible products. At the same time, the after-sales service and commitment provided were beyond the ability of imported brands. 5) In fact, we have many similar successful application cases, including military industry, aerospace, outdoor engineering machinery, etc. After listening to the introduction of other users who have already used well, this user believed that this kind of high-quality absolute value encoder also exists in China, and found our one.

“We CAN do also--Made in China, We CAN do better!”

The domestic high-quality absolute encoder can achieve the same technology and quality as Germany, so that German equipment can run normally and German people can recognize it. We can do it!

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