Notice on Tourism Day of Longchang Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuzhen in 2015


All employees of the company:
1、 The travel schedule of Longchang in 2015 is as follows: Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuzhen fly single for 4 nights and 5 days.
1. Time: From September 31 (Saturday) to September 4 morning (Wednesday), work normally at 13:00 p.m.
2. Route: the first day (station): Changsha Hangzhou; The second day (station): Hangzhou Wuzhen Suzhou; Day 3 (station): Suzhou - Shanghai; The fourth day (station): Shanghai Changsha; Day 5 (Station): Shanghai - Changsha.
2、 Tips:
1. Please arrange your work properly before traveling.
2. Before traveling, all departments should do a good job of fire prevention and anti-theft, close the doors and windows, and cut off the power supply.
3. During the tour, everyone must be punctual, abide by the arrangements, pay attention to personal safety, and return on time.
Wish you a happy trip!
Hereby notified!


 Changsha Longchang Electronics Co., Ltd
October 31, 2015

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